Grayling at Sand Hill

18th September 2019

A visit to the wild garden at Dunham Massey after the ‘Meander’ today.

On arrival home we found Park Road closed due to a fire at the sheltered flats; several fire engines, at least two ambulances and several police cars and vans were in attendance. A fireman told us there were no injuries. Apparently two flats gutted and fire spread into the roof of the block. Felt bad that there was little we could do to help; Manchester City Ministries minibus arrived to take people to temporary accommodation. The day finished with a stunning sunset.

Back to butterflies: this photobook was made last year.

A clip of the Buddleia bush in Jeni’s garden this year.

Bohemian Paradise

A holiday organised through On Foot Holidays – a wonderful experience of walking through unspoilt forests and amazing natural rock formations. The six of us: Alan, Joan, Maureen, Colin, Steph and myself flew to Prague where we were picked up by a taxi run by the man who composed the route, and who arranged the transport of our luggage from one wonderful place to the next while we took the slow lane, on foot.

Forest trail from Trosky to Prachov
Main square, Turnov – with a Tesco Express!
The Parthenon, Mala Skala
Sokol viewpoint
Rock labyrinth, Besedice
The Chateau – our 3-night stopover, Hotel Hruba Skala
The mist of a new day dawning, seen from the Chateau
Sunrise from the chateau
Catching the thermals
The owner of the cafe at Krčkovice, just out of Hruba Skala on the way to Kost, opened up for us, made coffee and lit the fire, which clearly was considered a hell of a job.
From Kost to Hruba Skala
Pilgrimage chapel of St Anna, Vysker
It was a good year for fungi. We saw many locals out foraging (but not for fly agaric)
Lunch by the fishing lake at Dolny Mlyn
Woodland glory
Power cut at Prachov!
From the Mír viewpoint
The linden avenue, Jičin

Along the way I enjoyed the variety of fungi and, to my great joy, butterflies!

David and Jo’s Ruby Wedding Celebration

Saturday 14th September 2019, held at The Greyhound Inn, Aldbury

An early start from Sale to get to Aldbury for 1pm. David wasn’t in the best of health but he and Jo came to the Greyhound pub to start the meal with the guests that Elle had invited on their behalf. Terry said grace and Jude gave a little speech. David left the proceedings early but Jo stayed to talk to us all. Of all people, I failed to get a photo of David, so I have included one of him and Jo taken when we visited three years ago.

Conversation never ceased as everyone wanted to catch up with everyone else, and I was intrigued by the place which was set and which had no name – was it for the Unseen Guest or was it to encourage musical chairs so that people could circulate after lunch?

It was a lovely occasion although somewhat overshadowed by David’s discomfort – but hopefully with the right treatment he will be back to good health. Below is a selection of photos from the day.

A lovely day on Pitstone Hill, July 2016

Boddington Working Farm Day

On returning from David and Jo’s Ruby Wedding celebration, Alan and I stayed overnight with Mike and Kate at Priors Marston. It happened to be Harvest Sunday and the Boddington Vintage Society was holding its bi-annual working festival.

Mike and Alan answered a call for help to tip the plough
Ploughing the old fashioned way
The plough being hauled by the traction engine
Ancient tractors lineup
Mike has driven most of them…
From very large very small. This one had weights on the plough to hold it down and was struggling to pull it with this tractor.
A gypsy encampment in the next field invited visitors
Carved from a single piece of wood
Classic cars on display too. My Dad used to have a Wolseley – the next model down from this gorgeous car.
Our carriage back to Mike and Kate’s – an exciting ride in the Landrover
The garden attracted butterflies
Brimstone butterfly
Red Admiral

A Road Less Travelled


Alan and I with our friend Maureen went on a walking holiday to Slovenia with On Foot Holidays. I can’t praise them enough! The organisation was superb, the accommodation likewise, and the food – well, top class.
I’m in the process of making a photobook and when it’s ready I’ll post the link here. (This initial paragraph is by way of a test as I haven’t had a blogspot before!)